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  • 生科院近5年代表性科研论文(SCI IF>5.0) 【全文下载】
  • Yajuan Qin, Wanlu Song, Shuyang Xiao, Guangjun Yin, Yan Zhu, Yueming Yan, Yingkao Hu*. Stress-related genes distinctly expressed in unfertilized wheat ovaries under both normal and water deficit conditions whereas differed in fertilized ovaries. Journal of Proteomics, 2014, 102: 11-27. (IF=4.088) 【全文下载】
  • Yan Zhu, Ningning Wu, Wanlu Song, Guangjun Yin, Yajuan Qin, Yueming Yan and Yingkao Hu*. Soybean (Glycine max) expansin gene superfamily origins: segmental and tandem duplication events followed by divergent selection among subfamilies. BMC Plant Biology. 2014, 14: 93 (IF=4.354) 【全文下载】